Descendants of All Worlds

Session 2

Framing the picture

In this session, we looked at several pictures and asked the following 2 questions:

  1. Why did the photographer choose to frame this picture in this way? Look closely at the different elements included in the frame which will tell you why the photographer chose to take this picture.
  2. Why is this a centrepiece picture? What are the elements in this image which make you stop and look at it, and what does it make you feel?

click on the images to enlarge

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London - Tudway Road - 75261

The photographer has chosen to include the housing estate in the background very clearly in the picture. This automatically leads you to ask questions – who burnt the car, how old were they, do they live on the estate, what do they do and many more. This is a powerful centrepiece picture – the burnt out car immediately draws attention.

Rome park with students – 1152-3

The students have not seen the Swastika scrawled beneath the park bench. They are going about their normal daily business whilst the graffiti sends out a sinister message. The photographer has chosen to include the students in the picture rather than just focus on the park bench itself - now the story is of a world which is there but often goes unseen.

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Rome little dog watching – 1153-3

Everyone is watching something taking place in this arena but our eye is immediately captured by the little dog sitting within the coat of the man in the foreground. The dog is also watching the arena, just like the people.

Kosovo – fireworks - 85215

The most important part of this photograph is the little girl. She is the reason why the photographer took this picture. The children have let off fireworks which is a dangerous activity since it diverts forces to investigate what has happened and can often mask serious incidents elsewhere. To enhance the eerie scene, the photograher has taken this image including the block of flats in the background in almost complete darkness.

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Kosovo – soldier with little girl in graffiti street – 937-7

This is a story of tenderness and humanity even within a war zone. The little girl has lost her mother and she finds help from a KFOR soldier who escorts her back to her family. However, the location of this story – a street filled with graffiti and as such dangerous to anyone who does not belong, is what gives this story a greater depth. The message is clear – you can find pockets of humanity anywhere.

Discuss these pictures asking the same questions that we did. You may come up with different answers to ours.