Descendants of All Worlds

The Project - local partner

As we are working at a distance, from Highland Scotland, we need to work with a local partner who will :

1)     identify the 10 groups for participation (or upto 60 through the year if the authority would like to include this number of groups)

2)     identify the location for the central DOAW exhibition site (a suitable space such as a large community centre, library, town hall space, art gallery or similar)

3)     facilitate the setting up of an introductory training session with the group leaders 

In most areas, we are working with organisations who are already working with schools, youth groups and community groups thus, this project is providing an additional element which is easy to implement, with little additional management implications and which will potentiate their own work.

Once the groups are identified, there is no further work to be done since the resources provided are self-contained. If the authority would like Heartstone to run the introductory training session, then this also will need to be facilitated working with Heartstone. This is a 1-2 hour training session run usually from 4-6pm for group leaders / teachers. All that is required is identification of venue for this event. 

However, if the partner wishes to do so, this project provides an ideal opportunity to increase contact between the partner and the groups and some of the areas have used this project specifically for this purpose ie. generating greater contact between themselves and the groups participating.

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