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Alongside the ‘Descendants of All Worlds’ exhibition, a project reaching all age groups from 9 upwards can also be implemented as described below.

This requires:

1.a 'prestige' DOAW site – to be placed in a library, community centre, town hall or other location visited by a large number of people in the area, to take the exhibition display to reach a general audience - we provide everything required including the display boards (total size 6'high x12' width). The story changes approximately once every two months for the period of one year and will cover stories of relevance in the context of challenging prejudice/intolerance coming from any part of the world, including the UK.

Each of the 6 documentary stories is presented in 10 photographs (super A3 size) + 1 large format image (6'x4' size) for impact plus a text panel. Thus, at the end of the year, there is a substantial exhibition in place in each of the authorities comprising a total of 60 images, 6 large format images and text panels covering these issues from different angles of relevance in today's climate PLUS the work which will have been generated from the local groups (see below). 

Our aim is to make all the stories relevant in the context of celebrating cultural diversity and challenging prejudice/intolerance and  from a number of different directions as already described. Heartstone stories are highly regarded and the quality of content / presentation has led to exhibitions in locations such as London’s South Bank, the Edinburgh City Arts Centre, the Strasbourg European Parliament and other 'prestige' locations which led to the launch at the House of Commons.

 2. Upto 10 groups - who will use the CD version of the story on display at the DOAW exhibition site - 10 pictures comprise the story to make the feature but they will have been drawn from a set of about 40-50 images. The local groups will be participating in a process which will involve them as photoeditors. This is a complex process which can take many years to master, thus, in this project, what is provided is an introduction.

The end product in each site is an exhibition/wall-display produced using the downloaded images plus additional text, drawings, paintings and other creative work produced by the group which they feel will enhance the story being told. The photos below are from  last years DOAW project in Cumbria showing the exhibition at Cartmel Priory.

Cartmel Priory Cumbria  Cartmel Priory Cumbria

The groups are pre-existing groups eg. school class groups or youth / community groups, who have an existing programme into which they would place this project, thus no additional facilitator is required other than the existing group leader / teacher. Heartstone is supported by the DfES Curriculum Division under Citizenship so schools will find this is easily incorporated into several areas of the curriculum ie. this is not an ‘extra thing to do’. The project also fits closely with the new Community Cohesion guidelines which must be implemented by schools.

 3. OPTIONAL - A location for a finale exhibition where the full set of 6 stories from the year together with work which will have come from the local groups as a result of the use of the stories in their own venues. This is an optional concept but the finale event can act as a powerful mechanism through which to bring all work together at the end of the year and to assist with involvement of new groups to extend the programme.

This will be left to the area to organise or can be the subject of a separate funding application by Heartstone to appropriate funders eg. the Arts Council.

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