Descendants of All Worlds

Nick Sidle - Photographer

Beneath the Southern Ocean, just an arm’s length from a Great White Shark, graphic images are being recorded by a photographer locked in a steel cage suspended in the depths of an inhospitable sea. At the same time, over 10,000 miles away at an inner city school in the UK, children are being guided through a unique photographic chronicle illustrating the lives of Serbs, Croats and UN peacekeepers, their fears, hopes and sacrifices.

Nick Sidle is the ‘Descendants of All Worlds’ photographer and he will tell you that being in such close proximity to a Great White Shark gives one “a sense of sheer awe”. His ability to approach his subjects, whether they be people or the natural world, with respect and sensitivity, as well as his great sense of timing which produces the classic images which have made him an internationally acclaimed photojournalist, has led to him being sent on a wide range of assignments covering many different subjects for his work with Heartstone where his photographic output is used to enlighten, change ideas and to fight prejudice and intolerance. Frequently, the outcome of these assignments are photographic narratives about the often shattered lives of people who are far too ordinary to ever steal world headlines from their political leaders. The common thread however that runs through all his work with people is his presentation of the human race as having more commonalities than differences, that it is possible to empathise with people no matter how far removed they may at first appear from your own world which is why he is an ideal photographer for ‘Descendants of All Worlds’.. 

Nick has completed a staggering volume of work, from graffiti on New York subway trains, to sculptures in Indian temples, from wildlife in the African bush to the skeletons of ships beneath the Red Sea or the war-scarred communities of Kosovo and Bosnia and most recently, the world of aviation. Although some aspects of photojournalism have become muddied by sensationalism and intrusiveness, Nick believes in telling stories the way they are, but sensitively as well as graphically without posing, staging or manipulation. He has exhibited in some of the most prestigious locations in the world today including within the UK at the South Bank and Barbican Centre in London, the City Arts Centre, Edinburgh, and in Europe at the Strasbourg European Parliament. 

He believes passionately that pictures can still change the world so long as there are still people who will try.