Descendants of all Worlds

Your Exhibition

Making Your Exhibition

In this project, your task is to create your own exhibition, wall display or feature. Think of yourselves as a picture desk receiving photographs from your photojournalist on location. He will be sending you images and a brief description of the background to the whole story. He will also send you brief notes on any specific images which need explanation.

Your task will be to select the set of images which you feel best tells the story, honestly and accurately without distortion. You will not have space to use all the images and not all of them will present the story in the way you want to see it presented.

Before you do this you will have to:

  1. undertake some background research connected to the story
  2. contact local experts  eg. councillors, MPs, police, environmentalists and others, who have a connection to the story who can add further input to help with (1)
  3. discuss as a group, or in smaller groups, how you feel the story should be presented, what are its most important features
  4. think about which set of images you are going to use in constructing your own exhibition
  5. work out how they will be presented and in which order – use the guidelines we have given you in your training CD’s to select a centrepiece image, the ‘decisive moment’ etc.
  6. add other items eg. additional writing, poems, drawings etc. which you think will add to the story, especially anything from your own experiences.